AdminScript Editor supports to build code , an integrated debugger to identify issues with scripts and help to drag-down code authoring. It has MMCGUI. ASE allows you to browse Network, Exchange 2007, Active Directory, and local system stats setting. It is applicable for adding more component types via PowerPack add-ins.

As a windows administrator you have to be like developer. GUIs can convert tasks in easiest method but any times Windows PowerShell command lines could add pro -efficiency and power. ASE can convert your tedious task to script up and executing rapidly. Web master can add their templates.

Intro of ScriptPackager

ASE has ScriptPackager feature for collecting scripts as rapid and easy deployment. This ScriptPackager can configure bundle to execute under alternate user credentials. ScriptPackager provides a Windows security feature to protect script code. If you wish to deploy your script in user friendly feature then it would cover script for portability. Some key in points which comprise with ScriptPackager:

  1. In ScriptPackager you can set up security setting, alternate credentials, tool tip, icon etc on slide-out window then after press the button “Generate” to create and web master can individually verify the load.
  2. There is no need to separate file settings because by default all values put in top of script region. You don't need to make these choice again and again, it will be placed automatically except passwords.
  3. Cache content will derive to a temp directory and run from there when script is executed. There is one thing notable that if security feature has set, it can execute with another account's credentials and will forbid by protecting user access through Access Control List and Encrypted File System settings.
  4. After completion of script files will dump to temp directory and will be deleted from system.

More AdminScriptEditor features:

  • ScriptBits – when your file begins there is another feature to help you out that's ScriptBits. It will create the task. ScriptBits are fragments of template code which cover up flow of control. These bits are customizable, you can add your style bits.
  • Integrated Debugger -ASE helps script debugging and break points. These feature allows to take a view of local, script output and call stack. You can even see the script line by line and output to see verification of desired variables.
  • WMI Wizard – It is a system management feature to generate the code roots to listing the different feature of a system.
  • Script Sense - It provides a detail of in-line completion so you don't need to check out every command after editing. These feature will make script manageable with time.
  • Script Deploy provides a distribution and execution of scripts within the IDE.
  • Script Form Designer - It will allow to generate graphic dialog by dragging and dropping feature.

The Admin Script Editor includes all variety of features which provide support for development and product. It includes automatically indenting, formatting completed function blocks etc. These feature use as a building blocks for script. ASE provides more convenient way to create a script and code.